How Hackers Can Code a Better America

Luke Fretwell | GovFresh | July 5, 2012

With the launch of the new Code for America Brigade website, we asked Program Director Kevin Curry to talk about its mission and how you can bring ‘civic hacking’ to where you live.

What is the significance of a CfA Brigade?

Citizens taking responsibility for fixing government where it is broken. When it comes to the web and information technology government is definitely not doing things right. I’m talking about antiquated IT systems, poor user interfaces and experiences, wasting taxpayer money on IT that never ships, closed government data, and all of the unrealized potential that both the web and the people who power it can provide to make government work better for everyone. Brigade is a new form of citizen engagement.

One thing I know all governments want is more engaged citizens. Well, geeks are citizens too, and we can help. We want to help. We’re going to help, whether government officials recognize the need or not. CfA Brigade means that anyone can code for America, anywhere.

How does the new website help citizens start their own “civic brigade?”

The site emphasizes two things: 1) connecting with other civic hackers, through online forums and in-person events, and 2) the activities that anyone can do to code for America where they live...