MedStartr Brings Dedicated Crowdfunding Platform To Digital Health

Brian Edwards | iMedicalApps | July 16, 2012

NYC-based MedStartr (@medstartr) has finally unveiled version 1.0 of their crowd funding platform for digital health and medicine projects, which are specifically ineligible for listing on Kickstarter.

MedStartr founder Alex Fair explained to me his frustration when first attempting to submit a health care project to Kickstarter only to find it did not meet the terms and conditions set forth by the company to qualify for listing.

Alex began to think he couldn’t be alone, and as it turns out, he was correct. This is a hurdle met by many hopeful developers of health and medical technologies, so Alex decided to jump on the opportunity to fill this gap in the crowdfunding model by offering these developers a Kickstarter-style platform dedicated solely to medical and health care projects.