My HealtheVet Personal Health Record (PHR) for Military & Veterans' use

Editor | Military.Com | July 26, 2012

My HealtheVet (MHV) is the gateway to veteran health benefits and services. It provides access to trusted health information, links to Federal and VA benefits and resources, the Personal Health Journal, and now online VA prescription refill. In the future, MHV registrants will be able to view appointments, copay balances, and key portions of their VA medical records online, and much more! My HealtheVet is a powerful tool to help you better understand and manage your health.

Key component of My HealtheVet include:

  • The Personal Health Journal .
  • Wallet ID Card
  • Military Health History
  • Medications, over-the-counter drugs, herbals and supplements
  • Allergies
  • Tests
  • Medical Events
  • Immunizations
  • Health eLogs

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