Technology Is Keeping Track Of More Than Just Scores At The London 2012 Olympic Games

Elsie Hasting | Health IT Buzz | July 31, 2012

Electronic Health Records: Helping Team USA and YOU Achieve Better Health and Care

Today, technology is tracking more than just scores, stats, and outcomes of competitions at the London 2012 Olympics. For the first time in history, our Olympic athletes, their doctors, and trainers will use electronic health records to track, treat, and transform the health of Team USA. As a sports and health advocate, a current ONCer, and a former member of the staff at the Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, it’s thrilling to hear that electronic health records are playing a role in maintaining the peak performance of this elite group of athletes.

How Health IT Can Help You Achieve Better Care

So what does that have to do with the majority of us who aren’t elite athletes—or athletes at all? It means that managing our health and care just got easier and more efficient—and what is being used at the Olympics shows that health IT can be used locally and worldwide.