Medicine 2.0 Day One

Susannah Fox | | September 16, 2012

My schedule only allowed me to attend Day One of the fantastically rich Medicine 2.0 Congress being held this weekend in Boston. I thought I’d share my impressions and notes in case they spark inspiration for other people, as each presenter and hallway conversation did for me.

When I arrived at 7:30am, there was no line at the registration desk, so I grabbed my badge (created in the brilliant style of last year’s, as designed by Larry Chu) and started chatting with people.

I had a wonderful talk with Michelle Eberle, a medical librarian working the National Library of Medicine table (sadly, I didn’t get her name) (updated thanks to @SeerGenius). She told me that one of the most useful Pew Internet data points is this one, from a 2009 report: