iControlPad2 Open Source Controller Being Funded By Kickstarter

Mark Raby | Geek.com | September 17, 2012

After helping to fund independent projects like the unique e-paper Pebble watch and the Android-based Ouya video game console, Kickstarter is being used to fund another desirable project called the iControlPad2. Don’t be misled by its name, though — this is a universal remote control designed to work on everything from iPads to Windows computers.

The iControlPad2 is an open-source initiative that will be able to connect to any Bluetooth device. The idea is that you’ll carry it around with you everywhere, and then whether you need to type up a long email on your phone, present a PowerPoint presentation at work, or play a quick game on your tablet, you’ll have the necessary accessory to perform all those tasks in the palm of your hand.