Reasons To Go For Open Access: Perspectives From A Clinician And A Librarian

Pascal Meier and Whitney Townsend | BioMed Central | October 23, 2012

In recognition of Open Access week, Dr Pascal Meier an interventional cardiologist from University College London and Yale Medical School, and Whitney Townsend, the coordinator of the Health Sciences Executive Research Services at University of Michigan, provide their views on the benefits of open access publishing.

Dr Pascal Meier

“The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about” Oscar Wilde

Open Access journals have moved from an interesting experiment to a robust alternative publishing model within a few short years. I believe there will always be a place for both traditional and open access journals, but it is very exciting for this librarian to see the work of “my” clinicians and researchers being disseminated, accessed, and cited at an unprecedented rate. The University of Michigan, along with many other academic institutions and advocacy groups, continues to act as an information hub and funding source for authors considering publishing in an open access format. Open Access Week is an outstanding time to learn more about what open access journals and publishing can do for you, as an author, clinician, or researcher. Be sure to check in with your local medical librarian for more information about institutional memberships to offset article submission fees, writing OA fees into grants, and other forms of open publishing that are available.