SGT. SHAFT: Civilian Population Should Have Access To Talking Prescription System

Sgt. Shaft | Washington Times | November 6, 2012

Dear Sgt. Shaft:

I know that you are very interested in the safety of visually impaired veterans when taking their prescriptions. You understand all too well the danger of not reading prescription labels and the possibility of making a tragic mistake. As you know, the ScripTalk Talking Prescription System is now installed in all VA Medical Centers in U.S. There are tens of thousands of veterans receiving their prescriptions with an audible label that allows them to hear their prescription label information. Thanks for your help in getting the word out on this very important service.

I also wanted to give you an update on the private sector, and our progress in making this technology available to others outside the VA. More and more pharmacy chains and independent pharmacies are now offering ScripTalk as a value-added service to their visually impaired patients. We are now positively impacting the health and well-being of all visually impaired folks in the nation...