Open Source Hardware : Less Costly Works Best

Staff Writer | The Customize Windows | December 8, 2012

Open Source Hardware provides hardware specifications like Open Source Software, which are publicly available,you can buy the smallest parts and build yourself. In the last century, Richard Stallman initiated the Free Software Movement, for whom, we are now using various softwares, services for free or at lesser cost; in the same way, Open Source Hardware makes the devices less costly, affordable and breaks vendor lock in.
Open Source Hardware : Brief Details
The free hardware is part of the free culture. Something to share a common hardware with software is that both correspond to the tangible parts of a computing system are components – electromechanical, mechanical and electrical and electrical wiring, cabinets. Some of the early initiation for the development of free hardware and Open Source Hardware was initiated in 2001 with the Challenge to Silicon Valley, published by Kofi Annan. Because the nature of the hardware is different from software, and because the concept of free hardware is relatively new, a precise definition of free hardware is yet to define instead Open Source Hardware is used as umbrella terminology.