Update From The iWitness Pollution Project

Anna Hrybyk | Ushahidi | January 11, 2013

The iWitness Pollution Map is produced by the Louisiana Bucket Brigade (LABB). This map was created in 2010 so that fenceline communities, workers and concerned citizens can speak out about how petrochemical pollution is threatening your livelihood, your health and the ecosystems you rely on.

Currently the map hosts over 8,000 reports of petrochemical pollution across the Gulf Coast, including the BP Oil Disaster, the 31,0000 pound benzene spill by ExxonMobil Baton Rouge, and ten days of black smoke and flaring at Shell in Norco, Louisiana.

This map visualizes reports of chemical accidents submitted via text message, phone calls, email and the web. Reports of oil spills, flaring, odors and health effects made by eyewitnesses and the media populate points on this interactive, web-based map. The information will be used to provide data about the impacts of industrial pollution in real time as well as document the stories of those who witness it...