Opening Doors In Cars And Government

Katherine Noyes | LinuxInsider | January 17, 2013

Ford and GM, first of all, both used CES to open up their in-vehicle infotainment systems to third-party developers through what's sometimes been referred to as "open source" app programs. "I did not see anything here that actually means 'open source' in my book," said blogger Kevin O'Brien. "Where is the source code for Ford SYNC? Didn't Microsoft write this?"

The dust is finally beginning to settle here in the Linux blogosphere following all the recent brouhaha emanating out of CES. The tents have been packed up, the jugglers have gone home, and bloggers can finally hear themselves think down at the blogosphere's Broken Windows Lounge once again. Spirits are lifting across the land, in other words, and a few choice headlines have done nothing but help...