eTRIKS 'open source' EU project for sharing vital disease information

Colin Smith | Imperial College News | March 15, 2013

Developing a software system that enables pharmaceutical companies, governments, academia and hospitals to share information to advance our understanding of diseases is the focus of a major European Union funded project, which is led by researchers from Imperial College London.

Imperial scientists are developing software that will enable organisations to share vital information about diseases, much in the same way that users can currently access, exchange and download information from the internet. The £20 million, five-year project is called European Translation Information and Knowledge Management Service or eTRIKS.

The team, who collaborated with researchers in the Faculty of Medicine at Imperial, has already developed the prototype software that they now plan to develop further for the eTRIKS project. They will also develop the software as open source so that it can be used more broadly by the global healthcare and medical research community...