Oracle And Eclipse Foundation Urge Developers To Code For M2M

Adrian Bridgwater | Dr. Dobb's | March 15, 2013

A new M2M-centric big data-oriented device-to-datacenter world

Given the girth and weight of Oracle's efforts to focus on the OpenWorld side of its annual developer and user conference program, it is perhaps easy to miss some of the extended news elements emanating from the JavaOne side of the firm's now Sun-enriched technology stack.

Among the technologies not receiving all the attention they deserve right now is M2M, or machine-to-machine to afford the sector its full term.

As many readers will know, M2M technology is designed to support wired or wireless communication between machines and is used in telemetry, robotics, remote monitoring, status tracking, data collection, remote control, road traffic control, offsite diagnostics, and even in telemedicine applications.