Standing Out With Open Source

John Noerenberg II | Open Source Delivers | March 26, 2013

All companies, regardless of size, know differentiating themselves from their competition is a key to their success.  On the Internet, everyone from one-man bands to multinational corporate giants rely on the basic platforms Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) provide to build their brands, their products, and their unique contributions to society.  When FOSS becomes a key component of an enterprise’s business, minor annoyances for a small organization become major problems which must be solved in order to do Open Source “right”.

But all of these problems revolve around one idea: the essential nature of FOSS is that it is freely shared by all who use it.  FOSS developers embrace this idea and the responsibilities and obligations that come with free software.  For the enterprise, this means a key component of their business is something they must share with the community which supports the open source the business uses.  [...]