EHR Replacement: Considerations For A Successful Transition

Kyle Murphy | EHR Intelligence | April 23, 2013

Those that ignore history are doomed to repeat it. Now, replacing an EHR is by no means dire, but it represents a significant investment if not in money (in light of “free” EHR or EHR donations) then in resources (e.g., time, energy). The hope of the EHR replacement process is that healthcare organizations and providers will take the lessons learned in their previous experiences and apply them to the task of selecting, implementing, and adopting a new EHR solution.

So what is the recipe for EHR replacement success? Well, you’ll need a few ingredients:

• Executive sponsorship
• Clinician buy-in
• Project management
• Change management
• Data selection and migration
• Proper training
• Suitable EHR vendor and solution
• Realistic expectations*
• Patience*

*These are optional but do make the experience more palatable