Effective Health IT Is The Heart And Backbone Of A Dominant ACO

Frank X. Speidel | HIT Consultant | May 8, 2013

Frank X. Speidel, MD, Chief Medical Officer for Healthcare IT Leaders outlines why effective Health IT is critical in a successful ACO environment.

A newly published survey of physicians highlights the increasing importance of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) in the overall healthcare landscape. The 2013 Medscape Physician Compensation Report finds 24 percent of doctors in an ACO or planning to be one in the coming year. That’s up dramatically from just 8 percent in the 2012 Medscape survey.

What these physicians are learning (or will soon learn) is that Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) is critical for their success in an ACO environment.

ACO bundled payments require all providers collaborate and cooperate in providing care and controlling costs. Eliminate duplicated, ineffectual and even harmful interventions, procedures and studies to achieve cost containment. This is not a rationing of care but the provision of the best test, the best intervention for the best results for the patient.