New Open-Source GUI Can Display Multiple EMRs

Anne Zieger | Hospital EMR & EHR | May 30, 2013

A non-profit focused on HIT has released an open-source graphical user interface which will provide a common view for patient information from multiple EMRs — a very useful trick if the software delivers what it promises.

The interface, Janus, was created as part of an interoperability program designed to link Department of Defense and VA data.  Right now, Janus is deployed at the VA Pacific Islands Health Care System/Triper Army Medical Center and clinics at James A. Lovell Federal Health Care System.

This seems like a great idea. If doctors in private medical settings could look at multiple EMR outputs at one time, I’m sure they’d be grateful.  After all, it can’t be much fun going from EMR to EMR as you travel from one hospital to another.