Replacement EHR Trend

John Lynn | EMR & EHR | June 10, 2013

I’m a huge numbers guy even if numbers can lie if you’re not careful. However, what I love most is the change in numbers which often can tell an important story of trends. One trend we knew was coming is the replacement EHR trend, so I was quite interested when I saw the tweet above that said that 31% of EHR buyers are purchasing a replacement EHR. That’s a huge number and up from the previous 10% replacement EHRs in 2010.

The report linked above also has a number of other interesting EHR numbers. 30% of respondents reported that their practice would replace their current practice management or EHR solution if their current vendor was purchased by another vendor. Considering we’re about to enter an unprecedented stage of EHR consolidation, this should be quite unsettling to any company looking to acquire an EHR vendor.