Firefox OS Mobilises HTML5, Without The Added Steve Jobs

Scott Gilbertson | The Register | July 2, 2013

Do you want to build applications for Firefox OS? The first step is to head over to the Mozilla website and sign up for a developer kit.

Just kidding, there's no developer kit. There are also no developer fees and no new programming languages to learn. You can start building apps for Firefox OS today, using nothing more than HTML, CSS and a generous helping of JavaScript.

Using the free, widely understood languages of the web stack means that the barrier to entry for potential Firefox OS developers is very low.

As Daniel Appelquist of Mozilla's Firefox OS partner Telefonica says in a recent video interview: "It changes the economics of app development because it's cheaper to get into the game as an app developer. You don't need as many tools. You don't need to join expensive developer programs. You can start developing with what you have right now."