What Does Singapore Know About Selling Healthcare Products?

Jacqueline Fellows | HealthLeaders Media | July 3, 2013

Buying health insurance in the U.S. is not yet as straightforward as other consumer purchases, but that is changing. Health systems in Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand are far ahead of us in offering consumer choice and addressing health disparities.

By this time next week, Debbie Gordon, Chief Marketing Officer for Network Health, will be in Singapore study how that country's healthcare system engages consumers. Gordon, who is one of nine 2013 Eisenhower Fellows, is also traveling to Australia and New Zealand during a five-week intense study of healthcare systems in other countries. The intent is to discover what the U.S. can learn from them.

Gordon leads the marketing efforts of the Medford, MA–based nonprofit health plan, which provides comprehensive health coverage for 215,000 state residents.