Genomes Released of NCI-60 Cancer Cell Lines

Allison Proffitt | Bio IT World | July 17, 2013

July 17, 2013 | On Monday, researchers released the largest database of cancer-related genetic variations—the genomes of the 60 cancer cell lines represented by the NCI-60 list. The project was published online in Cancer Research.

The NCI-60 cell lines were derived from cancers from nine tissues of origin. “These tissues of origin were selected because they are hard to treat,” and include lung cancer, melanoma, ovarian cancer, renal cancer, colon cancer and others, Yves Pommier, chief of the Laboratory of Molecular Pharmacology at the National Cancer Institute, told Bio-IT World. 

...The dataset is ripe for query. The authors did some initial data mining, but are releasing the entire dataset to the research community. The data are made available through the CellMiner, NCI DTP and Ingenuity Systems' websites.

...“One of the intents here is to enable people who don’t have a bioinformatics team to look at these data and look at biological and drug insight,” Pommier said.