Veterans Journal: Retirees Spend 27% Less On Health Under TRICARE

George W. Reilly | Providence Journal | August 11, 2013

According to the Congressional Budget Office, military retirees spend 27 percent less for health care under TRICARE, the Defense Department’s managed-care provider, than they did when the program began in 1996.

“In 2012, retiree families paid less than one-fifth as much for their care as civilian counterparts with employee-based insurance,” said Carla Tighe Murray, a CBO senior analyst, for an audience at the Western Economic Association Conference in Seattle on July 1.

Murray outlined options for slowing the growth of health-care costs, including increasing fees, copayments and deductibles for retirees and families, and preventing military retirees and families from enrolling in TRICARE Prime but allowing them to enroll in Standard/Extra for an annual fee.