Ushahidi Blog - August 2013

Angela Odour | Ushahidi Blog | August 27, 2013

[Selected excerpts from the Ushahidi Blog]  According to Jean Brice, "We will start to use the Ushahidi platform for the upcoming Elections in Cameroon. The European Union and some Non-Government Organizations (NGO) have agreed to use the Ushahidi for the next Municipal and Legislative elections on September 30, 2013."

Earlier this month, the following two amazing projects were recognized as deployments of the week.

MediaCenter creates awareness about disasters in Indonesia, in an effort to create awareness of how to prepare people for natural disasters to come.
Prague Watch creates awareness on Prague’s controversial cases of urban planning, big development projects, parks and allotments under threat and alleged cases of corruption and clientelism.

Ushahidi has also begun a partnership with Social Coding 4 Good to build our developer community. Social Coding 4 Good aims to build awareness of Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software (HFOSS), connect software professionals to established, non-profit communities, bridge communities for good…