Top 10 Amazon Cloud Challengers

Christine Burns | InfoWorld | August 30, 2013

Amazon may rule the roost for now, but these companies could take a big bite out of the cloud market

While industry analysts don’t foresee any public cloud service vendor making a noticeable dent in Amazon’s huge market lead anytime soon, Cloud Technology Partners, Forrester Research, and Gartner do consistently name 10 providers that have a shot of picking up significant future revenue as the overall demand for public compute, infrastructure, and storage services grows in the next three to five years. Here are the 10 companies and why they have a shot at challenging Amazon.

Company: Bluelock

Why they have a shot: Bluelock is a small, independent outfit that only has data centers in the United States. But analysts are keeping their eyes on Bluelock as it is the largest VMware vCloud Datacenter provider targeting both mid-level and enterprise markets with public cloud services. Analysts laud Bluelock for its proven track record, multi-tiered levels of service, and portfolio portal that gives customers tools that both monitor cloud services and track cloud spending. Bluelock now offers two types of Recovery as a Service products.

High profile customer: WellStar Health System