Linux Development Report: Mobile Vendors Storm The Linux Bazaar

Matt Asay | ReadWrite | September 16, 2013

Linux kernel development is more mobile and more commercial every day. Cause for concern... or celebration?

For years, Linux, arguably the most important free software project, has been dominated by big enterprise IT vendors. Even as Linux made its way into mobile phones, cars and just about anything else with an on/off switch, the center of development gravity stayed in enterprise servers. 

Until now. In the Linux Foundation's latest Linux Kernel Development: 2013 Update, a clear shift toward mobile development is evident. While enterprise-centric Red Hat still leads the pack, mobile-focused companies like Qualcomm, Samsung and even Google are pushing ahead of enterprise server vendors to make Linux their own.

Mobile Making Waves In A Very Big Pool

Standing out in the Linux community is hard. After all, since 2005 the Linux community has included over 10,000 individuals across 1,000 different organizations. [...]