Improving Health Workforce Leadership And Management

Sarah Dwyer | CapacityPlus | October 1, 2013

To improve health services, Uganda is focusing on the people that provide quality care. In our new video, Ugandan health workers, managers, and leaders show how the country’s efforts are paying off—and how service delivery has improved. The following story highlights one aspect of this work.

Dr. John Baptist Waniaye was working as a medical officer when he realized he wanted to take on a new role. “I opted to go into management for health [because] I realized that there are gaps which when you’re a leader and a manager you can easily fix and make the environment very good for the health workers. And that is my drive—I want to see that health workers have what they need in order to offer their services and that our patients are happy.”

Recently Dr. Waniaye, now the district health officer in Mbale, joined teams from 19 Ugandan districts in the Human Resources for Health (HRH) Leadership and Management Program. The Uganda Capacity Program conducted this six-month course with CapacityPlus’s help in preparing instructors to carry out the course.