An Open Source Solution For The Quantified Self Trifecta

Lt. Dan | HIStalk | October 20, 2013

The last five years have been redefining for the quantified self movement. Gone are the days that self monitoring was limited to pedometers and food diaries. The public has demonstrated a commercially viable interest in measuring steps, calories, sleep patterns, and even heartbeats. Over the years, this consumer-driven demand has led to a groundswell of technological advancements. The advancements in quantified self technology seem to be converging on a trifecta of quantified health: activity, vitals, and calories.


Quantified health emerged as a trend when digital pedometers evolved into full-blown activity trackers. Users went from being able to simply track steps to being able to track and differentiate between steps walked, run, bicycled, or climbed. Technology advanced again when the ability to track sleep patterns was introduced. Today, most standard model activity trackers offer a complete picture of our sleeping and waking hours and the energy we exert.