Quanta Launches Open Compute Solutions, Including Open Rack

Rich Miller | Data Center Knowledge | October 24, 2013

For years, Quanta Computer has been building servers for Facebook and Rackspace based on design concepts advanced by the Open Compute Project (OCP). Today Quanta QCT launched a line of hardware products making those Open Compute designs available to a broader pool of customers.

Quanta QCT (short for Quanta Cloud Technology) is the U.S. business unit of Taiwan-based Quanta Computer, and is marketing its OCP server, storage and network gear under the Rackgo X brand. The new line includes two server solutions, one storage JBOD (model JBR) and one 10G SFP+ switch (model T3048-LY2). A server motherboard option, the Windmill F03, is also available.

The Open Compute Project began as an open source showcase for Facebook’s design innovations, but over the past two years has evolved into an active community building cutting-edge hardware, disrupting the traditional IT supply chain, and laying the groundwork for future innovation.