From NSA To Open Source : Apps Are ‘Nuggets Of Innovaton,’ Says Sqrrl | #BigDataNYC

Valentina Craft | Silicon Angle | October 31, 2013

Adam Fuchs, CTO of sqrrl, had a noteworthy chat with Dave Vellante and Jeff Kelly at the BigDataNYC 2013 event in New York, covering topics ranging from the Big data lessons learned at the NSA to the NoSQL database.

Because Apache Accumulo was initially developed within the NSA, everyone was expecting Fuchs to divulge some juicy government secrets.  Undoubtedly, interest for his presentation was quite high.

Monetizing + maintaining open source projects
Fuchs first commented on Accumulo’s shift from the NSA to open source, saying that “open sourcing software from the government and from the other side of the wall isn’t actually that hard. The hard part is continuing to participate in the project afterwards.”