I Lost My Seat In Congress, And All I Got Was This Broken Website

Elahe Izadi and Sam Baker | Nextgov | November 15, 2013

Vulnerable House Democrats back in 2009 knew that they were risking their political careers by casting votes for the Affordable Care Act. And more than 60 of them--including some who didn't even vote for the bill--lost their seats the following year.

So there's an extra psychological twinge for those forced to watch the administration blunder the rollout of the very thing that cost them their jobs. "Am I disappointed that they didn't so a better job? Yeah I am disappointed—very disappointed," says former Rep. Baron Hill of Indiana, who served a total of five terms and was ousted in 2010.

Despite holding out hope that the current mess will subside, no one can be happy with how the Obama administration has rolled out the central components of the Affordable Care Act. And for those who bet their jobs on it, the current struggle to make the law work is particularly frustrating...