FrontlineSMS In The Philippines And The Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) Response

Laura Walker Hudson | FrontlineSMS | November 17, 2013

UPDATED 22 Nov: Here’s a new (draft) case study of ActionAid Kenya’s work using FrontlineSMS in the 2012 famine response. Factsheet below updated.

UPDATED 19 Nov: Here’s a new factsheet produced at the request of UN-OCHA on FrontlineSMS, FrontlineCloud and how they can be used in the Typhoon Haiyan response. Let us know any questions in the comments below, at [email protected] or on Twitter.

In the aftermath of devastating Typhoon Haiyan, we’re working with networks of aid agencies to support the international response any way we can – but we know that the first and most important responders are already in the Philippines.

Filipino FrontlineSMS users will have been affected and are, we’re sure, already working to help their communities to respond to and recover from the effects of the strongest recorded storm ever to make landfall. We want to help, however we can.