DoD, VA Spent Bulk Of 2012 iEHR Budget On Support Contracts

Staff Writer | Hospital EMR & EHR | November 27, 2013

The VA and DoD’s iEHR project may or may not come together, but it seems clear that at least one party is getting ahead — the vendors the agencies retained to support the project.

A new report from the Interagency Program Office concludes that the two agencies spent more than $300 million funding support contracts for iEHR work in 2012.  The IPO’s job is  to modernize the Military Health System’s EMR software.

DoD and the VA have been working to build a joint integrated EMR, known as the iEHR, since 2009. The idea is to build an EMR which allows every service member to have and maintain a single personal electronic health record through their career and lifetime.