How EHRs Can Help You To Save Time, Cost And More

Randy Egdom | Health Works Collective | December 15, 2013

Electronic Health Records is a term which is being chanted more often than ever in the United States. Through the 2009 Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act, the US has spent over $30 billion on EHRs. Are these EHRs really worth the investment?

Going digital is in itself a cost saving option when compared to keeping written records. With EHR, a patient’s entire medical history is saved in a database, and the need for paper documents and their expensive storage is almost eliminated. We know that doctors earn in minutes and they are usually unable to remember the medical history of all their patients. When the patient data is provided digitally, it makes the office workflow easier and convenient.

Even for a patient, it is much easier to meet a practitioner who has a fair idea about the patient’s medical history without having to explain every minute detail. This saves invaluable time. Also, EHRs help practitioners analyze their patients faster, bringing down the time of diagnosis.