Five 'open source' community management tips for 2014

Jason Hibbets | | December 17, 2013

The role of community managers continues to evolve. I started to realize this after attending my first Community Leadership Summit earlier this year. My biggest take-away from it? Community management is an investment and its value is increasing. Heads up to employers: buy, buy, buy, and then invest some more.

"Every year, the art and science of community management is becoming more predictable," said Jono Bacon, the Community Leadership Summit 2013 lead organizer. But, despite becoming more predictable, it's still rapidly evolving. The myriad of collaborative tools and ways to communicate, such as social media, can complicate community management...

This year on, we interviewed several open source experts who have tremendous community management talent and experience: Greg DeKoenigsberg from Eucalyptus, John Mertic from SugarCRM, and Dave Stokes from MySQL. We also shared a post from Ellen McDermott, Director of Operations at OpenPlans, on content management tools for boards of directors within communities. All community managers can draw inspiration and value from their experiences.