10 Predictions For Open Source In 2014

Jack Wallen | TechRepublic | January 1, 2014

The year 2013 was a solid year for open source. There were plenty of highs and certainly a few lows. However, I believe that Linux -- continuing to build on its solid groundwork -- will have the best year yet in 2014.

Some of you may be shaking your heads at yet another prediction of world domination by a Linux zealot. But there are plenty of reasons for such a bold prediction. In fact, here are 10 reasons why I firmly believe 2014 will be a banner year for Linux and open source:

1. Open source will dominate corporate data

This will be spurned on by the continued adoption of the powerhouse Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5, but it will reach far beyond that. As larger corporations make more demands for security and flexibility of their data, they'll turn to open source (especially Linux) to meet those needs. Big companies demand more in the way of representing and sharing their data, and they'll find that open source is truly the only place to turn.