Axial Aims To Give Power To The Patients

John Andrews | Healthcare IT News | January 21, 2014

'Looking ahead five years, we will change how healthcare operates.'

There have been many ideas proposed as solutions for reducing costly hospital readmissions, but one concept that hasn’t gotten much attention over the years is patient empowerment – the practice of letting people take control of their healthcare.

The proliferation of mobile devices and continued advancements in communications technology make accessibility to clinicians, health information and personal records easier than ever, and backed by evidence-based research, the time is ideal for this new model to emerge and succeed, say executives at Raleigh, N.C.-based Axial Exchange.

“Looking ahead five years, we will change how healthcare operates,” Axial CEO Joanne Rohde asserts. “Where we really differentiate ourselves is by having the things that we as patients want, along with a two-way learning process in measuring how we’re doing it.”