Can Open Data Improve GPs' Take-up Of Innovations? [UK]

Kathleen Stokes | Healthcare Professionals Network | January 29, 2014

New report examines doctors' engagement with promising innovations in drugs, technologies and practice

When we think about innovation, we tend to focus on creating and developing new ideas, tools and ways of doing things. While valuable, this alone it is not enough. To have impact, promising and proven innovations need to be explored and implemented. But how can we encourage GPs to get involved ?

It has been three years since the NHS announced its intention to prioritise and accelerate the adoption of innovations in their Innovation Health and Wealth report and we've seen some promising steps in the right direction.

Nice recently revealed its Medtech Innovation Briefings and NHS England launched an Innovation Fellowship and a Regional Innovation Fund. This is a great start, but the NHS is still branded by many as a latecomer.