With Open Compute, Facebook Is Saving Billions And Moving Markets

Derrick Harris | GigaOM | January 31, 2014

Summary: Facebook might have launched the Open Compute Project to force server vendors to build higher-effiency gear, but it’s having a much greater impact than even Facebook anticipated.

Even Facebook never really imagined its decision to open source its server and data center designs three years ago would have quite this effect. Today, the Open Compute Project — the open source foundation launched in conjunction with those designs and spearheaded by Facebook — is on its way to saving the company billions of dollars. Much of that comes out of the power bill, but it’s touching other areas, as well.

During on-stage appearances at this year’s Open Compute Summit, which took place earlier this week in San Jose, both Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and VP of Engineering Jay Parikh highlighted the cost savings: Development of energy-efficient technologies has saved Facebook $1.2 billion over the past three years.