For A Glimpse At What’s Next In Health Wearables, Check Out One Design Firm’s Idea For Epileptics

Deanna Pogorelc | MedCity News | March 19, 2014

Health monitoring devices of the future will not just be biometric tracking devices or journaling apps or detection and alerting systems, but all of the above as part of one comprehensive solution.

Designers at Artefact set out to think up a solution that would address the entire experience of living with epilepsy

It’s a complex and often misunderstood condition that affects nearly 3 million Americans. Seizures are unpredictable, and triggers are complex. Although they can be terrifying to bystanders, they don’t always mean that emergency medical attention is required.

Artefact’s concept, Dialog, would use a wearable sensor and smartphone app to address some of those challenges.

The design of the wearable itself is pretty incredible.