Verizon Jumps Deeper Into Open Source

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols | ZDNet | March 26, 2014

Verizon, yes, Verizon, is moving beyond being an open-source software user and becoming a much more active member in two vital open-source organizations.

Napa Valley, CA: We all know Verizon uses open-source operating systems and software in its products and services. As I write this from the Linux Foundation's Linux Collaboration Summit, I have a Verizon-enabled, Android-powered Droid 4 smartphone in my pocket. But, Verizon is now becoming a major working partner in open-source communities.

First, on March 25th, Verizon joined the Open Invention Network (OIN). The OIN is a patent protection consortium that promotes patent collaboration between its members and it uses its patent portfolio to protect Linux from patents attacks.

Verizon is the first major communications service provider to join the OIN community, "Out of 800 licensees, Verizon is OIN's first with a major carrier. Verizon signing with OIN is important because it demonstrates the communications industry’s largest commitment to patent non-aggression for the key Linux and open-source building blocks that are provisioned across their networks," said Keith Bergelt, OIN's CEO in an email interview...