Protecting Native Pollinators: Understanding Their Important Roles In Your Garden

Leena Oijala | Organic Authority | April 27, 2014

Native pollinators are extremely important members of any ecosystem, and should be cared for and stewarded especially by those of us who grow gardens. Pollinators include insects that help plants turn their blossoms into fruits and vegetables, as well as hummingbirds and bats. These creatures work hard to provide us with the food we eat, support biological diversity and protect wildlife survival. Use our short guide on pollinators to learn how to create landscape  friendly to the native pollinators in your yard that will help sustain the health of our natural world.

Studies have shown that animal and insect pollinators are necessary for the reproduction of about 90 percent of flowering plants and one-third of the food crops we humans consume. We all depend on these busy bees, moths, beetles, birds and bats to provide us with many of the foods we eat on a daily basis, but also to maintain healthy ecosystems and provide habitat and food for wildlife. Abundant and vigorous pollinator populations make a significant difference in fruit set and quality and increase production per acre.

Unfortunately, we have seen large declines in the populations of most pollinators, and their well-being is suffering. [...]