Patient Engagement Driven By Incentives Builds Better Health

Jennifer Bresnick | | June 11, 2014

The increasing popularity of pay-for-performance reimbursement structures is demanding more proactive action from providers in order to keep themselves in business, but can accountable care succeed if providers are the only ones getting paid for making changes?  Patients might wish, in a general way, to feel better and make healthier choices, but the truth of the matter is that few people are able to make lasting improvements to their habits without a little sweetening of the pot.

Financial patient incentives might be the key to making sure that everyone involved gets what they want, asserts Michael Dermer, Chief Incentive Officer at Welltok, but that doesn’t mean handing out cash indiscriminately.  Dermer sat down with EHRintelligence to discuss the methodology behind calculating incentives and explain how rewards can drive patient engagement while creating long-term change...