Plastic Surgeon Uses Google Glass To Help Perform Facial Reconstructive Surgeries

Fred Pennic | HIT Consultant | August 12, 2014

Kansas City plastic surgeon uses Google Glass to avoid looking at monitors in OR

Dr. Jeff Colyer, a plastic surgeon and Kansas Lt. Governor is now using Google Glass to perform facial reconstructive surgeries at a North Kansas City Hospital, Fox 4 of Kansas City reports. By uploading the patient’s x-rays to Google Glass, the surgeon avoids looking at the monitor in the operating room.  “I can put that x-ray right in my field of vision, be able to look down at the patient and be able to see that x-ray in real time right here. If I can look at my hand and the tool and the x-ray all at the same time, I’m not looking up and back, it’s gonna be a safety opportunity for the patient and I’ll get a better result,” said Dr. Colyer.

Matters of privacy and HIPAA compliance are some of the biggest hurdles for Google Glass in healthcare. To use the Google Glass in a clinical setting, for example, the device will have to be cleared to transmit patient data through the device. Aside from ensuring that there are proper security protocols in place, there is more to consider...