Apple HealthKit Recovers Its Health With iOS 8.0.2 Release

Christian de Looper | Tech Times | September 29, 2014

After a series of problems with the software, Apple has finally released HealthKit in the new iOS update, iOS 8.0.2.  HealthKit was supposed to be released in iOS 8, however for unspecified reasons the release was delayed at the last minute. Despite this, it seems that HealthKit could have a truly big impact on health.

"What the iPod did for the music industry, HealthKit is starting to do for the health-care industry, affecting the business model and business strategy of health and wellness apps, hospitals, doctors, lab test results companies, and health insurance companies," said CEO of MedWhat, Arturo Devesa.  While HealthKit is now available to users, it's still not going to be used to its full capacity for some time. It is expected that around halfway through 2015, things will get a lot more interesting concerning the new health-tracking system and it may change how doctors interact with their patients.

"It solves health data transport issues at significant scale, allowing anyone to build software and services that are agnostic to specific devices or apps that an individual consumer chooses," said Malay Gandhi from the Rock Health accelerator.
The system will also allow users to have a central location for all their health data, without having to worry about losing data, as it is stored in the cloud. This is also helpful for those who may want to change devices...