Startup Emocha's App To Help Baltimore Patients Manage Tuberculosis

Sarah Gantz | Baltimore Business Journal | October 27, 2014

Baltimore health IT startup Emocha Mobile Health Inc. is partnering with Baltimore City to test out its medication adherence application with tuberculosis patients.  Emocha's miDOT records video of patients taking their medication, notes symptoms and sends a report to doctors. The company is letting Balitmore's health department use the program for free in an effort to begin building market interest and credibility for the program.

"It's a fantastic project for us, even if we do not get paid," CEO Sebastian Seiguer said. "This is a new technology and a new process for TB management. It will take time to get validation. Health care is all about validation."

Emocha is starting small in Baltimore with two TB patients. Tuberculosis patients are good candidates for the medication management program because they must adhere to a strict medication regiment. The health care workers responsible for TB patients typically spend hours on the road driving to patients. Emocha's miDOT would cut down on a lot of travel time by allowing health care workers to check in with patients remotely...