All the Digital Health Funding MobiHealthNews Covered in 2015

Aditi Pai | MobiHealth News | December 21, 2015

In 2015, MobiHealthNews wrote about 208 funding deals that totaled $2.39 billion. While a majority of the funding announcements were positioned as equity deals, a small percentage of the rounds also included debt, securities, or options. Read on for a list of all the funding MobiHealthNews wrote about in 2015, along with links to each.

For a more comprehensive picture of digital health funding, check out Rock Health's 2015 report, which tracked $4.3 billion this year, or StartUp Health's report, which tracked $5.8 billion. We also expect Health 2.0's 2015 funding report to be published once the year has actually ended. Here are the top 10 largest funding deals in digital health that we wrote about this year...