New Film ‘SWINE' Exposes the Secret Life of Factory Farms and the Rise in Antibiotic Resistance in Farmed Animals

Staff Writer | Ecologist | July 8, 2016

Today (Friday, 8th July) the charity Viva! will debut its new short thriller/documentary, film SWINE which exposes the dirty secrets of factory farming in UK - including the growing health risks to humans from MRSA Superbugs. This short but alarming film exposes the impending crisis of antibiotic resistance developing in UK factory farms and more broadly highlights the failings of the industrialised meat industry.

Credit - Liz West (CC BY 2.0) Flickr

There is a sold-out screening tonight to an audience of 200 people on the evening at The Trampery, Old Street, London but SWINE will also be free to watch, online, from 19.00 here The film combines a fictional piece starring two-time World Freerunning Champion, Timothy Shieff, going undercover as a journalist (Jack Tomlins), in a UK factory farm to investigate rumours of a MRSA superbug outbreak in the pig population.

Tim says: "It was great to work on this film, Viva! is an organisation I support and the issue of antibiotic resistance is a very real threat developing right now in factory farms everywhere." Speaking ahead of the film release Juliet Gellatley, Director of the charity Viva! Has this to say:"For years the factory farming industry has been lying to us about how they treat animals. "The rise of antibiotic resistance in factory farms is just the latest in a long line of abuses by an unregulated and out of control industry, which needs to be stopped."...