Canada's Headed For A Disaster Of Its Own

Tom Cochran | Huff Post | December 22, 2016

I am deeply disappointed at yet another massive government IT failure, and sadly, not surprised in the slightest. The Canadian government's initiative to consolidate more than 1,500 government websites into a single super site,, is failing and starting to look like Canada's version of the disastrous

Tom CochranThe original deadline for completing the project passes this month, with costs ballooning from $1.54 million to a reported $9.4 million, and growing. A consolidation at this scale is the equivalent of a digital moon-landing, and the first problem was massively underestimating the initial cost and level of effort. It was wrong to choose a closed-source, proprietary solution, and it was wrong to pursue the unnecessarily ambitious consolidation of the entire government's digital presence into a single website.

The financial burden of moving to is being handled by the departments and agencies separately, and since 2015, according to a recent report at CBC, eight of the largest departments have spent more than $28 million on a project now pushed out to December 2017. Progress is glacial. Of the 17 million pages now managed by the Canadian government, only 10,000 have been moved to the new mega-site...