Red Hat Announces Health IT Infrastructure Improvements

Elizabeth O'Dowd | HIT Infrastructure | June 27, 2017

Red Hat's latest releases focus on scalability and hyper-convergence to cut down on health IT infrastructure costs and increase efficiency.

Red Hat announced that Molecular Health deployed Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA to support its new precision medicine analytics platform, Molecular Health GuideTM (MH Guide), helping the tool be better integrated into health IT infrastructure. MH Guide provides healthcare organizations with a knowledge base of pre-interpreted information from millions of medical publications. This knowledge base gives clinicians access to more data so they can make more accurate diagnoses.

The guide is also combined with a backup and recovery solution from Bacula Systems. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA is available for on-premise or off-premise cloud environments and provides additional deployment choice for highly scalable, big data applications. “Molecular Health sought to deliver better therapy development and improve its medical research capabilities, to quickly retrieve data as requested by applications, more easily manage business-critical workloads and work from more efficient, innovative technologies,” Red Hat Vice President of Partners and Alliances Petra Heinrich said in a statement.

Molecular Health faced challenges processing and calculating large volumes of data. Healthcare professionals rely on the database to do their jobs and accurately diagnose patients, which makes server stability a large motivator behind the company seeking a more advanced solution. MH Guide operates in the cloud and requires periodic backups. It also requires the ability to store data on different kinds of media like disks and tapes. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA is a scalable platform that gives Molecular Health a more future-proof platform to continue collecting and processing data for healthcare organizations to use and consult...