5 Apps Working to Improve Women’s Safety Across the World

Aileen O'Hagan | Future Scot | August 3, 2017

Girls in Dharavi Diary Slum are learning how to code apps, changing the lives of people living in Mumbai’s biggest slum. The project aims to empower and educate girls from the Dharavi slum, giving them vital skills to thrive in a digital world. In a country where education for girls is considered  secondary to maintaining the family home, this programme is revolutionary in changing the way India is looking at education for girls.

Aileen O'HaganThe girls participating in the project are working to actively solve community problems. Fauzia Aslam Ansari, 14-year-old student developed an app to organise water collection for each household by setting up an online queue that alerts people when it is their turn to fill up. It means that girls collecting the water don’t have to waste hours queuing and can dedicate more time to their education.

Other apps developed by the girls include Clean and Green, an app built to improve the cleanliness of the community where users can post photographs to report incidences of illegal dumping and a similar app that reports incidences of child labour to the police...